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Elite products, agents and distributors: the Saudi Pet & Vet Expo is preparing its third edition in 2024


After two successful editions, the Saudi Pet & Vet Expo is preparing the third edition, to be held from 28-30 October 2024 in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Pet & Vet Expo achieved a resounding success in its second edition after attracting a large number of visitors at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. The Expo had 120 exhibitors from 16 different countries showcasing their products and solutions to more than 12,000 visitors and facilitated a lot of business meetings in the field of animal food, pet supplies, medicine and vaccines.


Fostering connections between leading companies

Ammar Al-Ziter, CEO of City Events, expressed delight at the success of the exhibition’s first and second editions, noting their achievement in establishing an annual platform for the exchange of local and international experiences in pet supplies and veterinary medicine. He emphasized the expo’s role in fostering connections between leading companies, renowned brands, and their clientele, while also promoting the significance of pet ownership within society and encouraging volunteer engagement in this domain. Ammar revealed that preparations for the upcoming third edition, scheduled for October 28th to 30th, 2024, are already underway.

Pet Zone

Many agents and distributors in the field have expressed keen interest in participating in the third edition of the exhibition, underscoring the growing significance of investing in the sector. Ahmed Gabriel the Marketing Director at Pet Zone explained that ongoing cultural and social transformations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have heightened awareness regarding the importance of pet welfare. This increased awareness has translated into more individuals prioritizing their pets’ health and nutrition, consequently driving up expenditure on pet supplies. Gabriel further highlighted the proliferation of retail trade and e-commerce, facilitating greater accessibility to animal care products online, thereby fueling sales amidst the expanding community of pet owners and breeders.


Loqma Company

Dr. Bilal Abu Al-Khair, General Manager of Loqma Company, emphasized the significance of the expo as an invaluable opportunity for networking within the pet market. Participating for the third consecutive time, he highlighted the event’s role in bringing together various industry stakeholders, including consumers, agents, rescuers, manufacturers, and store owners.
Dr. Abu Al-Khair noted that the expo provides unparalleled networking prospects and offers numerous avenues to engage with leading manufacturers, suppliers, and importers. He also shared Loqma’s success story from the previous edition, where they forged agreements with manufacturers from Turkey and secured an export deal to Kuwait.

Industry data: the expanding market

According to the latest reports from international research centers, the pet care market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reached an estimated value of around $1.2 billion in 2023, showing a robust annual growth rate exceeding 9%. Within this market, pet health care comprises approximately $188 million, while the segment encompassing pet supplies, including food, accessories, and grooming, accounts for a significant $986 million.

When analyzing the market segmentation based on sales channels, specialized pet stores lead with an estimated worth of $800 million, followed by hypermarkets at $25 million and online stores at $100 million. In terms of food types, dry foods dominate with a value of $400 million, while wet or canned foods follow at $130 million, and snacks and treats round up the segment with $200 million.

The expanding market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has led to increased imports of pet and bird food from 18 different countries, including America, Spain, Germany, Italy, Thailand, France, Turkey, China, India, Jordan, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, Mauritius, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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