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02 - 04 October 2022
Riyadh Intl. Convention & Exhibition Center

Saudi Pet & Vet Expo (2022), is the first and only pet exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will be held annually due to the current and prospective promising market for pet supplies and veterinary medicine.


The search for new markets is not easy, and given the increase in the importance of pets in Saudi society and their breeding in homes and farms, the pet sector is expected to grow rapidly and increasingly in the coming years.

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Market News


The Kingdom's imports of food for animals and birds in 2019 amounted to 130 million kilograms, with an estimated value of 800 million riyals. He added that the Kingdom imports pet and bird food from 18 different countries in the world: America, Spain, Germany, Italy, Thailand, France, Turkey, China, India, Jordan, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, Mauritius, Malaysia, and UAE.

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