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Registration Form for the 16th & 17th International Cat Show held by the World Cat Federation in association with Mecats at the Saudi Pet & Vet Expo on 28 – 30 October 2024, Riyadh Intl. Convention & Exhibition Center- KSA

Cat Registration Form:
Do you need a Steward
Upload Cat Photo

Terms and conditions

  • The Cat Show will be held in the city of Riyadh in Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center on 29-30 October 2024.

  • The registration fee for the Cat Show is paid through the payment methods available on the payment platform.

  • The participant will be able to get a refund if he sends a withdrawal request by email 15 days before the Cat Show date, after deducting an amount of 50 riyals as administrative expenses.

  • The participant does not have the right to claim a refund if he is not present during the Cat Show days 29 or 30 October 2024.

  • The organizing company has the right to exclude any participant without giving any reasons.

  • The organizing company has the right to exclude any participant if he does not bring the pet’s vaccination book.

  • Adhere to the general rules and instructions of the organizing company.

*Note: you have to attach a clear picture of the cat

  • Registration fee: 250 Saudi Riyal per cat including Ring Judging and Nomination

  • For all absence cats not given notice 14 days prior to the show, registration fees will not be refundable

Who can participate?

Every Pedigree Cat Owner of each breed or house cat.

The Categories are:

1- Long Hair

2- Short Hair

3- Semi-Long Hair

4- Siam/OHK (Orient Short Hair)

5- Persian and Exotic House Cat

Novice: 6 – 10 Months, Male & Female

Junior:  6 – 10 Months, Male & Female

Kitten:  3 – 6 Months, Male & Female

Winners per category:

Best of Best - 1 Place

Runner up - 2 Places

1- Best Male / Female

2- Best male & female castrates

3- Best House Cat  (These cats are competing against each other without separation  of color or sex for the title)

Best in Show (one only)- the AB WCF judges are selecting the Best Long Hair, Best Semi-Long Hair, Best Siam/Orient Short Hair and Best Short Hair to give the title Best in Show/Best of Best.

Best in Variety (one only)

Cat Vaccination Rules:

For kittens:

  • Vaccination against Feline Parvo virus, Feline Rhinotracheitis and Feline Calicivirus

  • Vaccination against Rabies: A single dose as early as 12 weeks/ months followed by annual boosters

For Adult Cats:

  • Vaccination against Feline Parvo virus, Feline Rhinotracheitis and Feline Calicivirus- followed by annual boosters

  • Vaccination against Rabies: One single injection which is followed by annual booster

The vaccination book has to be brought along to the exhibition.

Microchip, no necklace or decoration on the cat fur – no grooming like “Lion Cut” the hair should be natural, clean, brushed, washed, eyes, mouth, ears   clean.  No nail clipping – natural. The cat has to be transported to the show in a cat carrier.

Pet Owners are responsible for their cats throughout the exhibition and the organizer will not be responsible for the participating cats.

Registration Fee of 250 SR per the first cat and a fee of 150 SR for additional cat and same owner to be paid with the registration to:

Beneficiary:  City Events Co.

Bank:  The Saudi National Bank

Account No: 27100000136904

IBAN No: SA88 1000 0027 1000 0013 6904

Swift Code: NCBKSAJE

Bank Address: King Fahad Road Branch No.: 271,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

After the registration the confirmation number of participation will be forwarded to your email or WhatsApp.

Registration should be sent to :    &

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